Monday, May 18, 2009

favori gunahim: kibir

Steve Albini ve albume ruhu hissedilir bir somutlukla sirayet etmis Richey dahil Manics'den, bu jurnali gammazlayan biz dahil olmak uzere tum jurnalcilere selam var:

Manic Street Preachers - All is Vanity (A Journal from Plague Lovers):

Haven't shaved for days
Keeps the appearance of delay
The luxury of one more dye
Pretend humility, the ugly lie
I would prefer no choice
One bread, one milk, one food, that's all
I'm confused, I only want one truth
I really don't mind being lied to

It's not "What's wrong?"
It's "What's right?"
Makes you feel like I'm talking
a foreign language sometimes
It's not "What's wrong?"
It's "What's right?"

It's the facts of life sunshine
It's the facts of life sunshine
It's the facts of life, my sunshine


erdobaz said...

The lyrics are taken from a folder of songs, haikus, collages and drawings Edwards gave to bassist/lyricist Nicky Wire a few weeks before he disappeared. Edwards also gave photocopies of the folder to singer/guitarist James Dean Bradfield and drummer Sean Moore.

The band have described the Rymans folder as having a picture of Bugs Bunny drawn on the front emblazoned with the word ‘OPULENCE’.

In promotional interviews for the album, Bradfield and Wire have revealed that the folder contains around 28 songs. Four of these appeared on the 1996 album Everything Must Go: "Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier", "Kevin Carter, "Removables" and "Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky".

dolphinished monkey business said...

Richey yildiz fotokopiye mi birakmis ders notlarini? Cift dikis Nicky aftan yararlaninca gecikmeli de olsa almis, sagolsun.

all is vanity cayir cayir holy bible telinden -ki en etkilendigim ve urkunc buldugum era- caliyor. hele sarkinin iki bolumu arasindaki gitar gecisi yok mu, oy oy oy, olmem mi beni cardiff'in taslarina vurun! sanki bir yes, bir ifamericantold....., bir archives of pain.

marlon jd biraz daha everything must go havasi diyecektim ki, arada gayipten gelen o replikler yok mu, insana "i think i am the devil itself" dedirtip, onu da holy bible klasorune koyduruyor.